The Military Challenge Coin Game Tradition

Custom challenge coins, also known as military coins or military challenge coins, are customized decorated coins which are usually awarded to a military individual or unit to recognize a job well done. Almost all branches of the military of the United States of America have their own custom challenge coins. Policemen and fire fighters are also popularly known to carry their own challenge coins.

custom military coinsMilitary challenge coins are used to establish a person’s identity as a member of a military unit. Almost all soldiers, from a long time ago until the modern times, are known to carry these military challenge coins anywhere they go, at anytime. These coins are very important reminders that a person is a member of a squad as well as the memories associated with getting the military challenge coin.

Carrying the military challenge coins at all times is a long time tradition in the United States army which should never be broken. All members of the military are required to have the coins with them at all cost. Another great reason why military members always have their custom challenge coins with them at all times is due to the military challenge coin game.

Verbally Initiating the Challenge Coin Game

The challenge for the military challenge coin game can be made anywhere: whether it is in the bar, restaurant, gymnasium or field. In order for the challenge to start, one member of the military unit will initiate the game. Once the game has been initiated, the initiator of the unit’s challenge must take out his or her coin; hold it up so that everyone will be able to see it and announce that a coin check-up is being made.

Accidentally Initiating the Challenge Coin Game

Accidentally dropping a challenge coin on the floor, on a table or on a bar can initiate a challenge coin game, as long as everyone will hear the sound of the military challenge coin being dropped.

Playing the Challenge Coin Game

All members of the unit must participate once the challenge coin game has been initiated. Once the check-up signal has been made, each member of the unit is permitted to take a step and an arm to locate and reach for their military challenge coin. Once a member cannot locate nor reach his or her military challenge coin, then, he or she will need to bear the consequences of the game.

The Round of Drinks

The military member who cannot locate nor reach his or her custom challenge coin or respond to the challenge coin game will need to buy a round of drinks (it can be beer, alcoholic drinks or any preferences of the winners) for the challenger and unit members who successfully draw and show their military challenge coins.
However, if all the unit members will be able to successfully draw and show their custom challenge coins, then, the challenger must buy a round of drinks for all the unit members.

The game’s goal is for someone to buy a round of drinks for the other members of the unit. Failure to follow the goal will result to more punishments or sanctions.

Other Challenge Coin Game Punishment

Any member of the military or unit who refuse to participate once a game has been initiated will be required to buy a round of drinks for all the participants of the game.

If the loser of the challenge does not wish to buy a round of drinks for all the winning participants, excommunication will be the sanction for that individual. In other cases, once a military member refused to neither participate nor buy the round of drinks for the winner, then, the individual will be forced to turn over his military challenge coin.

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Garden City Realty Offers Ready for Occupancy Resort Condos at Considerable Prices

With the vacation months fast approaching, there are resort condo units that are being offered by Garden City Realty. These are new listings that are available in their website. In a nutshell, here are the remarkable features as well as the price brackets depending on the condo clusters:

1. Breathtaking View of the Ocean

A 5-storey condominium allows its occupants to admire the view from the balcony. The vast ocean view of the resort condo is one of the best selling points. The top floor units can be reached using an elevator so senior citizens and persons with disabilities would not have to go up and down several steps.

2. Spacious Bedrooms

Designed for vacationing families, the three-bedroom resort condo unit can perfectly fit 8 to 10 occupants. Each room has its own full bathroom so a long line to go to the bathroom can be avoided. There are also built-in cable TV sets, provisions for internet connections, and a personal refrigerator to contain chocolates and other snacks.

3. Prices Vary per Ocean view Clusters

There are the high-end condo units and villas that Garden City Realty specifically designed for its more well-off occupants. Almost all the features and amenities are similar, but what shows to be above the rest is the remarkable view of the sunset. Such an advantage does not come free since these unit prices vary depending on the cluster you have chosen to occupy. If you want to bye best real estate property then visit URL.

Real Estate

$789,000 price bracket units are reserved for the ones situated at the center of the island – Pawey’s Island. It can be yours if you reserve your slot to purchase a unit here since it is selling like hotcakes! For this price, you gain access to the topmost floors and enjoy a fully-furnished property.

$350,000 price bracket units are within the Beach Ocean cluster. Here, the new owners of the condo unit will have a grand vacation because it is located near the Marina. They can have an unforgettable time when they spend their vacations here. There can cook within the designated grilling areas and have a clambake with their neighbors and friends. This cluster has two swimming pools that can be accessed by the occupants. This is exciting since these pools were designed to be used by both adults and children. There is a stationed lifeguard in both pools for added security and peace of mind. The units have two bedrooms will individual full bathrooms.

$219,000 price bracket units belong to the cluster located at the Surfside Beach. This happens to be an instant hit among newlyweds who would want to own a small vacation getaway. The ownership in one of these condos is easy and well explained by the sales agents at the Garden City Realty.

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