Badge Lanyards On Set

Movie sets are hectic with chaotic orders and constant changing of props. There are reporters and journalists always trying to sneak on set, and sometimes even avid fans find where filming is taking place and try to bombard the actors and actresses with requests for pictures and autographs. Badge lanyards can help put a little bit of the ensuing set’s chaos at ease by identifying the people who are supposed to be on set.

It is important for general assistants to have badge lanyards since they may often leave the set to run errands for the crew and different department’s directors. Assistants also need to be able to be identified by the directors themselves, who often need small tasks done and can’t afford the time to leave a set they are working on. Assistants also are at risk of being followed into the set by reporters and journalists, or even fans, so it is important for security to be able to let the assistants back on set and stop the unauthorized, hopeful sight seers from infiltrating the movie production sight.

Badge LanyardsA huge reason to have all of the crew members and directors to wear badge lanyards is to keep a tight security on a movie set. If big name actors and actresses are working on a movie, often times some reporters and journalists will try every tactic and maneuver they have to get pictures of their targets working and will even interfere with a scene being shot to get what they came for. Once the reporters or journalists make it on set, it takes too much time to get them out of there. Badge lanyards can be a huge time saver in this aspect of movie set security.

Also, some fans can pose a threat to a production of a movie if they swarm a set to get a look around and try to see their favorite actors and actresses in action. Badge lanyards should be worn at all times so that if anyone who should not be on set makes it in, and the person seen is without and lanyard, security can be called to remove the potential threat. Some over the top, extreme fans of big time actors and actresses can pose a threat to the safety of all the production’s crew. Having a set’s crew show ID at all times can keep the threat level down to a bare minimum.

Badge lanyards can help to exponentially decrease stress on a movie set. With IDs being checked and watched, the movie’s crew can work with a peaceful mind. Work IDs also depict where a crew member is supposed to be, and the movie set’s security can keep a close eye on the set’s crew to make sure that they are safe.

Department directors can often find the badge lanyards to be helpful in keeping their part of the set organized and on track. A department director who has multiple people running around doing various tasks and carrying no movie set IDs can run the risk of being unable to recognize all of his or her department’s crew, and therefore unable to see if a reporter, journalist, or fan has snuck on set.

Overall, badge lanyards are a wonderful tool to use with a set’s crew to keep the production running smoothly, efficiently, and safely. Security should be detail oriented and trained to observe every person coming in and on set to make sure that the person is allowed to be there. With this technique, movie sets will become a little less stressed, and the crew will go home at the end of the day happy and secure.