Basic Information on Misters for Consumers

Misters are machines that highly resemble electric fans. In fact, the only thing that really separates a misting fan from an electric fan is that the latter only blows wind while the former blows a cold gust of wind.

misterMist fans users have steadily been on the rise as more and more people are starting to look towards them as the ideal cooling solution. They are extremely cheap to buy and even cheaper to use. Mostly everyone is conscious of the amount of money they’ll have to shell out just to pay the electric bill.

There are plenty of people out there who still regard mist fans with suspicion. They are unsure of what to make of them. People are uneasy to part with their hard earned money when they do not have a good idea what they are spending their money on. This is a perfectly rational kind of skepticism.

Those who are undecided may simply need to learn more before they decide to buy one. Here are a few pieces of basic information for those who want to learn more about misters.

How they work

mistersMist fans are far from the technological marvel that is the air conditioner. Though both affect the temperature of air, air conditioners still come out on top in simple terms of cooling performance. However, mist fans are a significantly more affordable than air conditioners since they are not as power hungry as air conditioners. Although admittedly, using a mist fan will also entail the use of water and not just electricity.

The key component in the mist fan is the water pressure system. The pressure system ejects water droplets into the air. The droplets are so tiny that they basically evaporate once they touch the air. The tiny droplets evaporate because they absorb some of the air’s heat, thereby cooling it in the process. This scientific process is referred to as scientific cooling.

All misters work by taking advantage of evaporative cooling. They may have different designs, but in the end they all work the same way. Contrary to what some people might think, a mist fan is not supposed to make people wet.

What they can be used for

Mist fans are typically used to keep people cool. They are a common sight in large gatherings or areas with a huge crowd. Cooling people is probably the most obvious use for a mist fan; however, there are other areas where mist fans see a lot of use.

mistMist fans are a popular option for several industrial applications. For one thing, mist fans are used for helping manage dust in certain industries like logging or cement manufacturing. The water particles trap the dirt and prevent it from freely floating around the air. The same thing is true for odor control. Water attaches to the foul smelling particles thus preventing the odor from spreading.

Mist fans are also common in commercial areas. Small commercial establishments such as restaurants use mist fans to keep their outdoor tables cool during the summer season.

In agriculture, mist fans are used in order to cool livestock and provide excellent humidity for plants in greenhouses.

Where to get one

The internet is an excellent resource of information for people who want to get a mist fan. There are plenty of companies that advertise their products on the internet. Consumers will be greeted with a truck load of information when they go to a mist fan company’s website. Always try to take the company’s word with a grain of salt as most of them will want to flatter themselves to promote their misters.