Choosing the Right Size of Taylormade Golf Clubs for Beginners

Playing golf in modern time is more convenient and fun as most experts’ advice new golf players to play while keeping comfort and convenience in mind. If you are a beginner in the world of golf, then you need to make sure that you have the right shoes, gear, and right size Taylormade golf clubs to help you appreciate the game of golf more.

Buying your first golf club set is an exciting event in a golfer’s life. If you happen to have rented golf clubs before or borrowed your friend’s golf club set, it does not necessarily follow to buy the same golf club sizes. Choose the ones that fit you best.Taylormade Golf Clubs

In order to get the right size of golf clubs to own, you will need a tape measure and/or a measuring stick. You can also ask a friend to help you out.

How to Take your Measurements

First, you need to stand straight while your hands rest at your sides. Ask your friend to measure your height. You need to part your feet slightly after getting your height measurement.

Bend the wrist upward (you need to bend the one that you don’t use for writing). Notice the crease that appears where your hand and wrist meet. Ask your friend to begin measuring from that crease later.

Return your hand back at its original position and make sue that your fingers are pointing down.Ask your fiend to commence the measurement from the said crease down to the ground. You can ask your friend to repeat measuring just to make sure that everything is measured correctly. Don’t forget to write down the measurement.

Find the Taylormade golf clubs that best fit your measurements. There are two golf club length charts that you need to look at in order to choose your most suitable golf club size. One chart will tell you the recommended height of each club that you need to put in your golf bag according to your height. The second chart can help fine tune your clubs based on the measurement that you have obtained when you find the height from the crease of your wrist to the ground. The charts can be found in pro shops and online shops also have them.

Other Important Things to Take Note

You need to measure your height before you buy your golf clubs from Taylormade golf to make sure that you still have the same height as before. Ladies tend to shrink earlier than expected or some still grow beyond their growing years. There are rare cases in men who shrink at earlier age.

Always be careful in choosing the length of your golf clubs. You need to have driver, hybrids, putter, irons, and woods in your golf bag whenever you play the game of golf. Do not bring more than 14 golf clubs in your bag.

Taylormade Golf ClubsThe given numbers on the charts are just recommendations. It is advisable to practice using the recommended lengths of the golf clubs to make sure that you are fine with the said lengths. Later on, you might find that using half inch shorter than the recommended length is more to your liking.

You also need to determine other alternative golf club that you can use in case you can’t find that perfect club for a particular purpose and you still need to save or acquire more money for customization. A good wood can be a replacement for an iron.

Taylormade golf intends to give all types of golf players, amateur or veteran, the perfect set of golf clubs that can help deliver them to their coveted victory.