Preparing For The Funeral Of A Loved One

When a loved one dies, it is but natural to grieve and mourn for our loss. But aside from having to undergo the grieving process, more often than not, family members who are left behind are also constrained to face the inevitable and prepare for the funeral. No matter how much we would love to hold on to our loved ones, we know that ultimately we will bid them goodbye and this is where we know that having a meaningful and well-prepared memorial ceremony is important.

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But how do we start? The bereaved are already burdened with grief but they also have to take charge of the preparations. This can prove to be stressful especially when there are no pre-arranged burial plans. Planning a funeral is not an easy task, more so when the one preparing for it is also suffering from his loss. There are a lot of decisions to be made, details to consider, and the choice of which appropriate ceremony is suitable to the status and position of the one who has died.

A person who is preparing the memorial service for his loved usually finds himself asking the following questions:

1. Interment or Burial

Will it be a traditional burial or a cremation?

2. Memorial Ceremony

What kind of ceremony is required by the religious affiliation or cultural background of the deceased? Who will officiate the burial ceremony? Will the rites be open to the public or simply a private one?

3. Clothing

What will be the appropriate attire to dress the body with?

4. Casket

What kind of casket will the deceased most likely prefer?

5. Obituaries

Which newspaper will carry the announcement? Or will there be an announcement at all?

6. Viewing

Will there be an open casket viewing? For how long will the viewing take place? Or will there be a viewing in the first place?

It is a good thing that there are already a lot of memorial chapels that are well-equipped with services dealing with matters such as those mentioned above. And what is more, these entities can be easily accessed through the internet. This means that all a person planning for a memorial has to do is to open his laptop and use the internet to check which chapels offer the desired memorial services and which ones are located in or near the area where the burial is supposed to take place.

Most memorial homes have funeral directors or managers who can assist in the preparations for the memorial ceremonies. These are people who are already equipped with the necessary knowledge to help in the decision-making, from which method of interment to use, to the type of ceremony, and more importantly, to the cost of the services needed. They are capable of giving practicable advice on how to go about with a desired budget without necessarily sacrificing the necessary details in order to confer a memorable ceremony to our loved one who has passed away.

Indeed, planning a funeral for a loved one may be tedious, stressful, and confusing. It may require time, effort, and some serious decision-making. But for someone that we love, we also want the best. That is why even though it may be difficult and as much as we would want to shy away from these things and focus on our grief, we know that there is nothing more practicable and actually, more helpful in dealing with our sorrow, than to make sure that our loved one gets the utmost attention and care even in his last moments on earth. We honor our loved one’s memory when we give him or her the best that we can.

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